11 Times Raw Meat Was Insanely Beautiful (PHOTOS)

These photos even surprised us.

Before we even get started here, if you are vegetarian or averse to the sight of raw meat, we recommend to click away immediately and look at a different kind of food porn. Dear carnivores/omnivores that are left -- today is our day.

The thing about raw meat is that looking at it frequently makes people feel squeamish. It's red, sinewy and often calls to mind the fact that you are about to eat the muscle of another animal. But every once in a while, raw meat actually manages to look appetizing. We'd been taken by surprise by a few photos of raw meat recently, and realized that if you catch them in the right light, we'd gladly take a bite out of them. Here are a few times raw meat was actually the most beautiful thing in the room. (But don't worry, we're not going on an all-raw-meat diet any time soon.)

Look. At. The marbling.
It's like a treasure map that leads you to deliciousness.
"THIS BELONGS IN A MUSEUM." -- Indiana Jones
Louis-Laurent Grandadam via Getty Images
How can this even be real?
Aaand now we need a steak.
Come on in, pork, the water's fine.
Funkystock via Getty Images
This is Mangalitsa bacon. I know I'm not supposed to eat it raw, but it looks like I could, let's be honest.
I know you're supposed to wait until kebabs are cooked to eat them... but... look at these.
Jekaterina Nikitina via Getty Images
This is steak tartare. It is raw meat you are totally allowed to eat, just in case this list gave you a hankering.
Barbara Lutterbeck via Getty Images
"Ditto!" says this carpaccio.
This is horse sashimi -- which will likely repulse more than a few of you. For those of you who are thinking, "Nope. I'd eat that," welcome to the weird club.

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