Rawesome Raid: The Aftermath

WATCH: Rawesome Raid Has Locals Pissed

Yesterday's raid on Rawesome Foods in Venice has some locals steaming. NaturalNews.tv has several interviews with Rawesome club members (including one with writer/actress Mariel Hemingway, granddaughter of Ernest), who are adrift without their raw dairy. One volunteer says authorities "raped" and "pillaged" Rawesome's supply, either carrying it away or dumping it in the street. Natural News' video also includes a tour of a sad-looking, empty walk-in fridge.

Near the end of the video is audio of Rawesome owner James Stewart calling from jail, encouraging all raw food supporters to come protest at the courthouse at his arraignment the next day (today).

And protest they did. Raw food advocate and blogger Cheese Slave was there at the Los Angeles County Court House to lend her support to Stewart, as well as Sharon Ann Palmer and Eugenie Bloch of Healthy Family Farms in Santa Paula who were arrested too. She documented the demonstration with photos (below) and later tweeted the outcome of the arraignment: "Rawesome update: Victoria released. James has bail reduced to $30K; bail condition: cant sell raw dairy without a license. #rawmilkraid"

Meanwhile, footage of yesterday's raid is beginning to emerge.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, James Stewart faces 13 counts against him -- four of which are criminal conspiracy charges related to the unauthorized sale of raw dairy products. Sharon Ann Palmer is charged with 9 of those counts, while Eugenie Victoria Bloch is charged with three. Stewart and Bloch were arraigned today, while Palmer's arraignment is still pending.

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