Ray-Ban's Optical Illusion Will Hurt Your Brain, But You'll Like It (VIDEO)

In a new video beguiling the Internet, Ray-Ban uses an optical illusion to sell its sunglasses. Even if you're not in the market for the company's pricy products, you'll enjoy the visual sleight of hand.

The video's props -- a desk with a globe, manual typewriter, baseball, notepad, books and a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters -- aren't quite what they seem.

Watch above as what appear to be fully dimensional objects stretch and flatten out, revealing themselves to be nothing more than hyper-realistic two-dimensional cutouts. Ray-Ban, with its Never Hide Films and illusion specialist Brusspup, achieved the trickery using a distortion effect called anamorphism.

The sunglasses, however, are shown to be a genuine 3D item, "reinforcing viewers’ perception of Ray-Ban as a ‘real,’ authentic sort of brand that makes super-cool accessories you totally want to go out and buy," trends research blog PSFK opined.

Never Hide previously released a viral video showing a man in Ray-Bans apparently running through five subway cars before the moving train fully exits the station. It's not quite as mind-bending as the magic desk, but it does make us wonder why the man had to wear sunglasses on the metro.



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