Ray Comfort's 2006 Hysterical Banana Argument Demonstrates What Creationists Mean By 'Proof'

'Behold, The Atheists' Nightmare!'

Ever wondered why bananas exist?

Ray Comfort, a Christian creationist and televangelist, uses a banana to slap evolution in the face in an excerpt from his Way of The Master television show co-hosted by former child star Kirk Cameron. The clip, posted in 2006, demonstrates why the world needs better science education, which was one of the goals behind the recent creationism debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye.

Comfort offers up the 'ironclad argument' that bananas are proof of God's intelligent design of the natural world because "the banana and the hand are perfectly made, one for the other."

"Behold, the atheists' nightmare!" declares Comfort, before detailing the many user-friendly features of bananas, which include its "non-slip surface," "tab at the top" for easy opening, and convenient shape which is "even curved toward the face to make the whole process so much easier."

Watch it for yourself here.

In fact, the banana as we know it is the result of careful artificial selection by humans over the course of many years. The wild banana is small, seed-filled, and unpalatable. The banana came about through human manipulation of evolutionary mechanisms.

In response, Comfort said in a video that has now been made private that he "was not aware that the common banana had been so modified through hybridization."

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