Ray Crockett, Nashville Man, Mistakenly Charged $84,000 For Tank Of Gas That Only Cost $30 (VIDEO)

We've all complained - whether to a neighbor, grandma or politician - about high gas prices at one point or another. This Nashville man should probably save his complaints for a lawyer.

News Channel 5 reports that Ray Crockett pulled into a Mapco gas station last Friday because, he said, "They had the cheapest gas at the time." Crockett filled up, swiped his card to pay, and grabbed the receipt showing he'd been charged $30.00.

Several days later Crockett went to use his card again, only to have the payment declined. The culprit? His bank statement shows he'd been charged $84,522.54 for that $30 tank of gas.

As of this writing, gas prices in Nashville hovered near $3.09, which means Crockett's tank would have to hold more than 27,000 gallons for that $84,000 fill-up to make sense.

But Citibank, the issuer of his debit card, doesn't see it that way; the bank says it paid the gas station the full amount, then locked Crockett out of his (now seriously overdrawn) account. Adding to the mess, Mapco says they never received the payment, writes The Consumerist, leaving Crockett stuck hopelessly in the middle with only a $100 gift card that the gas station provided to help him get by.

Citibank recently corrected the error, and issued this statement:

Due to a[n] input error at the merchant, a charge was erroneously billed to [the customer's] account. Citi has credited [the customer's] account and his card is available for use. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused and are putting processes in place to ensure that this does not happen in the future.

Oddly, this isn't the only gas station mishap involving a large number in the 80s. According to the Seattle Times, in 2009, a man filling up in Washington was mistakenly billed $81.4 billion after an error with his PayPal-issued debit card.

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