Ray Kaunisto, Hockey Player, Manages To Say 'Meow' 7 Times In Interview

How many times can you sneak "meow" into an otherwise normal conversation? Hockey player Ray Kaunisto of the Kalamazoo Wings managed to pull it off seven times in just under 40 seconds during a recent on-ice interview.

That's one meow every 5.7 seconds, for those keeping score.

The "meow game" comes from the 2001 comedy "Super Troopers," in which a cop tries to use the word 10 times during a traffic stop.

You can see that clip below. (And yes, that's Jim Gaffigan as the driver assaulted by all the meows.)

But Kaunisto's meow moment almost didn't happen.

"I thought about doing it a little bit before and then I just figured just let it rip and see what happens," Kaunisto told "I almost chickened out. I almost didn't do it, but I kind of just went with it."

Kaunisto's clearly a guy who likes to have a little fun. Last year, he took part in a lip-synch duel, miming "Runnin' Outta Moonlight" by Randy Hauser. (You can check out that clip on YouTube right meow.)

"I'm always one of the guys that tries to keep things light in the locker room and in a lot of interviews with hockey players they pretty much say the same exact things over and over," Kaunisto told "I kind of wanted to mix it up a little bit."