Ray Liotta Died From Heart Failure, Respiratory Issues: Report

The "Goodfellas" actor died last May at age 67.

The death of actor Ray Liotta last May in the Dominican Republic was caused by heart failure and respiratory system issues, TMZ reported Monday.

The death was categorized as natural and nonviolent, according to documents obtained by the website, which cited respiratory insufficiency, pulmonary edema ― aka fluid in his lungs ― and acute heart failure as the causes of his death.

The 67-year-old actor also suffered from atherosclerosis, according to TMZ.

HuffPost has reached out to Liotta’s reps to confirm the story.

At the time of his death, Liotta was filming “Dangerous Waters,” which is currently in post-production.

Earlier this year, he received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and appeared in “Cocaine Bear.”

“He never saw the final movie, but he did see all of his scenes,” the film’s director, Elizabeth Banks, told Entertainment Tonight. “He came in for [automated dialogue replacement] eight days before he passed away, actually, and he loved it,” she said. “He was so happy. He was laughing. It was just delightful.”

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