Surveillance Video Shows Ray Rice Dragging Fiancee Out Of Elevator Before Arrest: Report

Surveillance footage from a casino in Atlantic City obtained by TMZ Sports reportedly shows Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice trying to drag his seemingly unconscious fiancee out of an elevator before the couple was arrested over the weekend.

As first reported by The Baltimore Sun, the three-time Pro Bowler and his fiancee, Janay Palmer, were arrested following an alleged fight at a casino early on Saturday morning. Rice's lawyer described the incident to the Sun as a “very minor physical altercation."

TMZ reports that the footage obtained was shot on Saturday, Feb. 15 just before Rice and Palmer were arrested.

The Ravens issued a brief statement on Sunday.

"We are aware of the Friday night situation with Ray Rice and his fiancé. We have spoken with Ray, and know that they returned home together after being detained."