Razing Arizona

For those Americans still harboring the illusion that we live in a Democracy, it's high time that notion be dispelled. Voter suppression in Arizona on Tuesday, March 22 and the national media's subsequent declaration -- with 1 percent of precincts reporting and a massive number of voters still in line -- that Hillary Clinton won the state's Democratic primary is yet another transparent and egregious perversion of democratic freedom. Hillary Clinton, whether or not the majority of voters vote for her, whether or not it's made to appear that the majority of voters vote for her, is going to be the next President of the United States. She will be force fed to us like spaghetti to the fat man in David Fincher's Se7en, and soon our stomachs will bulge with lament at the wars she starts and the snake oil and snake grease of the status quo we're made to believe is the way of the world. That's the trap: we're bludgeoned into apathy and thinking things could not be otherwise by subterfuge and suppression of the sort that occurred this Tuesday. Who is the "they" perpetrating such iniquities? It is no one.

"They" is two things: 1) A tool used for the conceptualization of an acculturated "me first" ideology perpetuated by illusory notions of scarcity, threat, otherness, and entitlement. 2) Money. "They" want to rob you of your wonder and force you into those conventions deemed most normal and least laughed by your respective peer group. "They" want to bleed you of all belief in true betterment through the repetition of phrases like "It's always been this way" and "Money makes the world go round." "They" want you to buy Rocket mortgages on your iPhone, eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, watch NFL football, drink Bud Light, get married and have children, all to achieve what is in no sense a dream, but is absolutely American. Make no mistake about it: Donald Trump is a distraction similar to the NFL or the Quesalupa; a diversion from systemic problems of racial and economic inequality and a means and fear tactic to more easily slip Hillary Clinton into the White House. With current news cycles that unfold like episodes of WWF wrestling, to claim the national media has any integrity or interest in truth left -- save for The Huffington Post, for whose free forum I am grateful -- is now tantamount to saying orcas prefer SeaWorld to the open ocean. Given our nation's reluctance to hear or transmit criticisms of excess and injustice, perhaps it is we who prefer captivity -- the chamber of a mind cutoff from the oneness of all things, including human welfare. Bernie Sanders is saying as much, but "they" don't want you to hear it. "They" want you to play the Powerball, eat cheeseburgers, and buy State Farm insurance for the implosion that greed and riotous self-interest have made all but implicit.