Razor Blade In Baby Clothes Injures West Virginia Girl (VIDEO)

A 10-month-old baby girl is recovering from minor injuries she sustained from a razor blade hidden in the foot of her sleeper.

Mother Brittany Morgan said she dressed Trinity in the item, which had been newly purchased from Walmart. But when she removed the sleeper to change her daughter's diaper, Trinity began to scream and a razor blade fell out, WVNS-TV reports.

The baby is recovering well at home, but Morgan says she's still concerned about the incident.

"I am so mad and hurt to have watched my daughter go through this pain over someone's mistake ... or worse," Morgan told Yahoo!

Morgan said Carter's, the company that made the sleeper, contacted the family and offered to pay for Trinity's medical expenses and said they would be looking into the incident.

But Morgan is not the first to report having found dangerous objects inside clothes sold at a Walmart store.

In December, customers at a Georgia Walmart found hypodermic needles hidden in clothes on separate occasions.

Of course, Walmart isn't the only store where customers have reported similar issues.

In 2007, a father found a razor blade tucked beneath the mattress cover of a sleeper he bought at a Wisconsin Target store.

Upset about the incident, he wrote Consumerist for help and later expressed he only wanted to make sure the manufacturer looked into the situation to prevent it from happening in the future.

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