Re-Parent Yourself and Repair Yourself: Making Your Inner Child Emotionally Happy and Whole

When a child experiences trauma in any form, the growth of the inner child can become stunted; it does not fully complete its growth process. As one matures physically into an adult, one’s view of themselves and the world is greatly influenced by the pain of that child within that stopped growing at a particular age: 2 years old? 5 years old?...7?

For instance, if as a child, you were unloved or abused, then as an adult, you may manifest patterns of bad relationships that continue to repeat themselves. Or maybe you experienced poverty or felt insecure in your environment, so now perhaps success and stability continuously evade you. Notice that these negative and destructive patterns are born from your inner child.

However, no matter what you may have gone through, the good news is, the healing and growth of your inner child can take place now with your support. There are three easy and fun aspects of life that everyone is able to focus on in order to embrace and empower their inner child and become a happy and whole adult…

1) Yourself

Connect with your inner child simply by being child-like, which does not mean being child-ish...those are two very different behaviors. One who is childish is petulant, self-absorbed, demanding, irrational, obnoxious, irresponsible, etc. In contrast, the childlike individual looks at the world through eyes of wonder. He or she notices the beauty of nature that surrounds them, laughs at themselves not taking life too seriously, and returns to a way of being that embraces innocence and magic - a return to innocence. Being a mature adult does not preclude one from being childlike. In fact, there is pure wisdom inherent in the qualities of a child...a pure essence that emanates. We, as adults, can retain that purity, or reconnect with it, and ultimately channel our inner child. By living in that natural, original vibration, one can easily live in the moment, not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Instead, you realize that the concepts of age and time are irrelevant.

Every minute of the day presents an opportunity to be unconditionally loving, nurturing, and kind to yourself - that is truly what your inner child needs and wants and is crying out for - so why not give it? You can actually be that caring parent you wish you'd had by taking great care of yourself today. No one knows how to make you happy better than you. Ask what would make you happy, and be that for yourself. Don't rely on someone else to do it. Get rid of thoughts of limitation because children don't see life that way. Free your thoughts and picture yourself as a small child. Honor your inner child who is always with you. Talk to her or him. Find out what they would like and what they need from you. You have the power to heal this child's wounds. Give them whatever it is they did not receive. Do what needs to be done for this child, and your life will reflect the new happy and whole person that you can be now that you've integrated your happy and whole child within.

2) Children

Another wonderful way to heal your inner child is to be around children - either by raising your own children or being a teacher or caregiver of some sort. You can be the unconditionally loving parent or mentor that you did not have for someone else. Just as you can directly love and nurture yourself, when you do that for another child, it is a cathartic experience: indirectly you are loving and nurturing your own inner child. You best learn by teaching others and you best heal by healing others.

When you're around children, give them your undivided attention. Listen to them. You will begin to see the world the way they see it. Let them help you relive your own childhood as a fun, positive experience. Play their games, marvel at their imagination, and follow their thought processes. You will feel their pure vibration.

As adults, we tend to overlook so much. We miss the details of life. A child, however, is extremely observant. They have wild imaginations. Their minds are expansive. As we grow older, we lose those qualities to a great degree. Being around a child will allow you to shift gears in your thinking and consider things you may have never considered. It makes you contemplate what is really important in life, and that, adults may have it all wrong.

3) Animals

Are you an animal lover? Our pets bring out the child in us. They understand unconditional love. They nurture us, and in return, we nurture them. It is an even exchange of our energies. We can look into each other's eyes and just know how the other is feeling and what they need. It is an unspoken, heart-based form of communication. Most pet owners will tell you that their animal is also one of their children. This is because the soul of a pet shines through their being as it does in a small child. They are beautiful, caring beings who add enormous amounts of joy to our lives. They innocently exude love just like children do. There is no filter of anger or resentment through which they see you. They are pure love and light. Because of that, being with an animal, feeling their pure vibration, seeing the world through their innocent lens, is deeply healing to one's inner child. They give us the unconditional love, affection, and attention that we yearn for. Our pets are always there for us. They never let us down or hurt us. We can depend on them to offer emotional support whenever we have a need.

Your inner child is an aspect of your soul. It is the child within you that follows you into adulthood. You cannot deny this part of you. If your life feels fractured, in need of repair, this is your inner child tugging on your sleeve begging you to work with it and acknowledge its importance. Honor the healing and growth of your inner child as well as the wisdom it has to share with you. You will be amazed as your being is transformed back into its original wholeness.

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