re Tropical Storm Harvey /Charitable Catch-Up

re Tropical Storm Harvey /Charitable Catch-Up
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Dear Readers - Friends & Associates;

I am writing this during the ongoing devastation of Tropical Storm Harvey.

Twelve years to the day we witnessed the horror of Katrina and its impact on New Orleans. Then I had the time to organize some from the Design Industry – Fashion, Interior and Home – to forward necessities for the afflicted.

Today I make my donation through the wonderful Red Cross, and urge you too to contribute whatever you can (Please see below…)

It is a marvelous occurrence, when we are brought together as one in empathy and compassion.

For in truth we are ALL inextricably connected with one another and all of Nature’s s beings - Flora & Fauna.

I will always be grateful to the Park Avenue friend who took myself (and my dear late HRH) in during Hurricane Sandy when our downtown NYC was darkened – without electricity and resources for beyond a week…

Perhaps this is a Higher Powers way of reminding us that there is no time for divisiveness, vitriolic political rhetoric and the hateful actions we have recently witnessed…

Reverberating within are the 1960’s chants

“Peace in the World or the World in Pieces”…

“All we are saying is Give PEACE a Chance…”

I pray that Harvey may serve as a “Wake-Up Call “ for opening our hearts in transformation. Although a simplistic platitude, I still believe, “All we (truly) need is (authentic, unconditional) LOVE…and an inclusive affirmative Plan !!!”

Jill Lynne 29 August 2017

Red Cross® Hurricane Harvey - You Can Help Make A Difference People Affected By Hurricane Harvey. Make A Donation To Red Cross® Today

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