After Orlando Shooting, The World Showed Up To Defy Hate With Love

From thousands lining up to give blood to gay choruses singing "We Shall Overcome," the world showed up for Orlando.

After the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history took 49 lives at an Orlando gay club on Sunday, people around the world stood together to mourn the victims, support one another and fight back against homophobia with bold displays of love.

From nationwide rallies to blood drives to proud PDA displays, the LGBTQ community -- and the world at large -- shared sympathy and love with one another in the face of tragedy.

Here are 14 ways the world stood in solidarity with Orlando:

1. American Muslims Sent A Message Of Solidarity To Victims

Muslims across the country showed their solidarity by speaking out against the attack, donating money to victims' funds and donating blood.

"As Muslims we're united in our outrage over this senseless act of violence," sa woman in the video above said in New York, where more than 200 Muslims gathered to pray for the Orlando shooting victims. "We're standing with [Orlando]."

2. Orlando Residents Showed Up In Multitudes At Vigil For Mostly Queer Latinx Victims

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Thousands attended the vigil in Orlando on Monday evening in memory of the victims -- who were mostly young, queer Latinos -- proving an attack on this city only makes it stronger.

3. Artists Around The World Drew Their Pain And Love For Orlando

My heart and thoughts for all. #orlando #weshallstandtogether 💜💙💚💛❤️ #loveisallwehave

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International artists posted sketches of tears, hearts and rainbows on social media to show victims and mourners that people the world over were thinking of them.

4. Thousands Lined Up To Give Blood Just Hours After The Attack

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In a strong display of community solidarity, thousands of people lined up at blood centers across Florida on Sunday to donate blood for the victims.

5. Hamilton Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Accepted Tony Award By Reading Powerful Sonnet To Orlando

“Love is love is love is love,” Miranda cried, “cannot be killed or swept aside.”

6. #KeepKissing Showed Queer Love Will Not Be Stopped

#twomenkissing #loveislove #orlando

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From #KeepKissing to #loveislove, bold displays of LGBT affection shined through on social media, proving the homophobia that drove the attack is no match for the power of queer love.

7. Cities Worldwide Took To The Streets For Orlando In Crowded Vigils

Vigils took place in major cities across the world on Sunday and Monday, from Charleston, South Carolina, to Rome to New York City, showing Orlando it was not alone.

8. World Landmarks Lit Up To Let International Pride Shine Through

From the World Trade Center in New York to Brisbane, Australia’s Story Bridge, dozens of world landmarks lit up in rainbow colors to show their solidarity with Orlando.

9. Gay Choruses Broke Into Song Across The Country

Gay choruses across the country sang lyrics of mourning and of loving joy in the name of Orlando, including a cross-country chant of "We Shall Overcome."

10. Anderson Cooper Read Each Of The Victims' Names Out Loud

“We want to try to keep the focus where we think it belongs: on the people whose lives were cut short,” CNN's Anderson Cooper said on his show on Monday. “They are more than a list of names. They are people who loved and who are loved.”

11. Nurses Who Treated San Bernadino Victims Sent Love To Orlando

Emergency room staff members at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center — many of whom helped victims of December’s San Bernardino, California, shooting — sent messages of support via Twitter to the Orlando Regional Medical Center.

12. JetBlue Offered Free Flights To Orlando Victims' Family Members

JetBlue airlines offered free flights to and from Orlando for family and domestic partners of the victims, saying it wanted to “do our part to help the victims of this tragedy, as well as support the Orlando community through this difficult time.”

13. Londoners Showed Their Love With An Epic Vogue Battle

Thousands showed up to a vigil in London’s Soho neighborhood on Monday to pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting. Broadly U.K. editor Zing Tsjeng posted photos and video of people dancing in an intense vogue battle, which she described as “solidarity through dance.”

14. Orlando Shooting Victim Described The Horrific Event -- And Ended With A Note On Love

“I’m doing pretty well,” Orlando shooting survivor Angel Colon said in a television interview on Tuesday. “I still can’t walk, but as long as I have a smile on my face and have the love that I feel, I’ll be okay.”

To support the Orlando shooting victims as well as LGBT groups, donate here:

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