Reactions To Seeing A Dinosaur: Two Little Girls At The Zoo React Appropriately (PHOTO)


"Dinosaurs Alive! The Lost Valley" is an exhibit at The Omaha Zoo that looks to be as close to an actual Jurassic Park as you can get. There are 15 animatronic dinosaurs that blink, move their limbs and roar. (Kids can even control two of the figures themselves.)

Naturally, such an exhibit elicits a range of reactions from the children who are lucky enough to visit. As reported when it first opened, "[The dinosaurs] scared some of the excited children getting a preview..., [but they] weren't scared for long. Soon the cold weather was forgotten and most were eagerly scurrying from one bellowing creature to another." The Lincoln Journal Star published a set of photos from the event, in which you can see how much fun the kids had and what the dinosaurs look like.

But one single image posted on Reddit over the weekend sums up two possible reactions to seeing a dinosaur more perfectly while also serving as the ultimate reminder of a parenting law -- every kid is different. One child's dream is another's nightmare.

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