Read the 5 Success Stories of the 2015 Service and Conservation Corpsmembers of the Year

Read the 5 Success Stories of the 2015 Service and Conservation Corpsmembers of the Year
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Each year, The Corps Network honors several individuals as Corpsmembers of the Year. These young people have joined Service and Conservation Corps, and through their experiences have made a difference in their communities, while tackling some of America's greatest challenges and improving their own lives.

This coming February they will be honored in Washington, D.C. as part of The Corps Network 2015 National Conference. Each person will give a speech to introduce one of the general sessions during the conference, and will also join Members of Congress on Capitol Hill to talk about their experiences, and how their Corps programs provide valuable, transformative experiences each year for over 26,000 American youth nationwide.


Young Woman Catches the "Corps Bug" : A Passion for Service, AmeriCorps to Blame

Corpsmember with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (Steamboat Springs, CO)


"Mindful" Corps Experience Helps Young Man Overcome and Like a Phoenix, Fly Toward His Dreams

Corpsmember with Civicorps (Oakland, CA)


Refugee from Afghanistan Plants Legacy of Trees in Syracuse

Corpsmember with Onondaga Earth Corps (Syracuse, NY)


Energy Efficiency Program at Corps a Stepping Stone to New Opportunities for Taos Woman

Corpsmember with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (Taos, NM)


San Diego Man Casts Away Past Self-Doubt at Corps, But Brings Friendship and Stewardship Onshore

Corpsmember with Urban Corps of San Diego County (San Diego, CA)

Stories for all of The Corps Network's 2015 Award Winners including Projects of the Year and Legacy Achievement Awards can be read here.

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