Read This Mom's Refreshing Message To Her Childfree Friends

Parenting blogger Constance Hall shared a powerful letter.

A mom’s letter to her childfree friends is putting a refreshing spin on the conversation between parents and non-parents.

On Sunday, parenting blogger and author, Constance Hall, posted a letter addressed to “friends without children.”

The mom’s post has a simple, but important message: Thank you.

“Thanks for giving a f**k about my kids,” she wrote, recognizing the way her friends willingly come to her children’s birthday parties, genuinely laugh at her parenting stories and stay interested in her life.

“You come to kid friendly restaurants and eat curly f**king chips while my arsehole children play on your phone and knock your drink over, when you could be at some opening of some cool place with the millions of cool people who invite you out,” the mom continued.

Hall also thanked her childfree friends for coming by the house, sharing their own interesting stories and giving her fresh advice and inspiration.

“Some of you chose not to have kids, I admire that so much,” she wrote. “Some of you desperately wanted them and instead of being jealous or bitter towards me for having so many you relish in mine and love them with your whole soul.”

Concluding her letter, the mom added, “I never remember a time before I had kids that I was that gracious and cool enough to sacrifice a Saturday night at the pub so that I could sit on the kitchen floor playing twister with a friends kid. So thanks for being true Queens.”

Hall’s post clearly resonated with readers, as it has received nearly 100,000 Facebook likes thus far. Many readers with kids tagged their childfree friends in the comments section, to offer the same message of gratitude. Many childfree readers praised the “refreshing post.”

Wrote one commenter, “When I first read the line ‘Dear friends without children’ I have to admit I thought oh here we go again, telling us how much we don’t know and will never understand, and how we aren’t allowed to have opinions because we haven’t given birth. But the actual post was so refreshing!!”

They say it takes a village, and clearly, the village always appreciates a little recognition.

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