Dumb Politicians, Celebrities And Criminals: Reader's Digest 'Dumbocracy' Suffers Fools Gladly

It's Memorial Day weekend, a time to remember some of the country's heroes who have made this a great democracy. But when the Reader's Digest gang surveyed the land from sea to shining sea, they found enough boneheaded behavior to make it seem at times as though we live in a "dumbocracy".

You know who they're talking about: dimwitted crooks, airhead celebrities and mindless politicians. Time and time again, these goofy citizens get away with -- or at least try to get away with -- the kind of half-baked ideas that make the rest of us wonder how common is common sense. (We're looking at you, Charlie Sheen.)

"No one really feels sorry for these people," said Reader's Digest editor Andy Simmons. "People love to laugh at them. It makes you feel better that you're not the only schmuck making mistakes."

A full mind-boggling list of blunders, boo-boos and boners comes out in the magazine's June/July issue. But while you kick back this holiday weekend, relax with a sneak peak and feel fortunate that you didn't bungle your way into this group of clueless underachievers.


The Dumbest