READERS' PICKS: Most Inappropriate Google Suggests Of All Time (PHOTOS, POLL)


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HuffPostTech picked our favorite inappropriate Google Suggests -- then asked you to send us your faves.

You all found some great (WEIRD) stuff.

We've put together HuffPost readers' picks for the most inappropriate Google Suggests of all time. Check 'em out and vote: They're strange, they're sick, they're scandalous, and they're surprising -- and totally worth a look.

Read more about how Google Suggests works below and check out HuffPostTech's picks on an earlier post here.

How does Google Suggest work? The short answer is this: the suggestions are taken from searches previous users all over the world have done on Google, as well as searches you've done, sites in Google's search index, and ads on Google. As one HuffPostTech reader notes, they're suggestions based off of searches by people just like you. Read more here.

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