Reading List: February 2016

From Poetry magazine
By Lindsay Garbutt

The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine's Editors' Blog. This month contributors to the February 2016 issue share some books that held their interest.

Rachel Allen
I have been reading and am very excited about the forthcoming release of Tyehimba Jess's Olio and Noelle Kocot's Phantom Pains of Madness, both out this year from Wave, and Currently & Emotion, an anthology of contemporary translations edited by Sophie Collins, published by Test Centre in the spring. Juliana Spahr's amazing That Winter the Wolf Came has led me to Commune Editions, especially a text by her and Joshua Clover, #MISANTHROPOCENE 24 THESES—a sort of angry but resigned tirade against human impact on ecology and nature (and basically everything) that's funny and scary. I am also excited about this small publishing endeavor, If a Leaf Falls Press. I was lucky enough to get Sam Riviere's Cont., a stark experiment with how we categorize species, and am looking forward to reading the others. I'm also reading Han Kang's brilliant novel Human Acts from Granta. I'm binging on essays published on—a site recently set up publishing fiction and essays and memoir—especially those by Bee Lavender, who has a set of three essays about her family and their dealings with her aunt, who was addicted to heroin. They're unsettling and strange and compulsive: children spitting on their parents' corpses or being high in Disneyland—familial binds and discord to the extreme.

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