Reading the Face of Amanda Berry

amanda berry beth

This picture of Amanda Berry shortly after her escape from captivity, reunited with her sister Beth, and with her daughter Jocelyn, is striking because of the differences in how each of them is reacting at this moment in time. Beth is overwhelmed, struggling to gain control over her emotions, on the verge of tears if not already crying. Yet she is trying to smile. Her lip corners are pulled down in distress but her cheeks are pulled up in an attempt to smile, her lower lip is pushed up to muffle any sound and the eyebrows are in the classical distress pattern, pulled up in the center. If one did not know better, one might think she is the one who has been imprisoned and raped for a decade. But Amanda, the actual victim is calmer, better able to put on a social smile for the camera, yet she too shows the distress in her eyebrows pulled up in the center, generating subtle wrinkles in the center of her forehead. The truly calm one is Amanda's daughter Jocelyn, gazing at the camera with a polite, relaxed smile.

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