Reading the Pictures: Alito At First Glance


Even if the lead photo on YahooNews this morning played up the idea that Supreme Court designate Samuel Alito is someone to fear, the quick pick, the swing right, the choice of a man, and the first thing Monday morning strike all suggested that Rove --and the PR acumen -- is back (and that Card, and Laura, can just step back now).


Besides the (cheap) shot sporting the fear meme, the other interesting and seductively atypical image in the initial Alito slide show was this one of the nominee's family. On one hand, it's reflective of nothing (except the fact the announcement took place in the White House's Cross Hall). On the other hand, it can't help but suggest that opposition looms (and that the nomination fight frames future Democratic fortunes, especially those of Senator Clinton).


As the inevitable mountain of nominee pictures starts to build, there is no danger the images will continue to skew left. Note this snap, for example, that came up in the morning's first wave of Alito updates. In a Rovian coincidence of timing (that surely has no reference at all to the fact the judge is a conservative white male with plenty of exposure on social justice issues), Judge Alito got to have his picture taken (marred only by the presence of Senator Big Pharma) with the casket of Rosa Parks.


Finally, with a close eye to the pictures, it would be an oversight (and far too much credit to Rove) not to mention what we weren't seeing this morning. Of course, we all understand the timing of the Alito announcement was designed to knock PlameGate out of the news. We all know that. Unfortunately, in an era where the media has the attention span of a moth (and can't help but affix itself to anything new making heat), Libby is as good as disappeared.

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(image 1: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters. October 31, 2005. White House. Via YahooNews. image 2: Mannie Garcia/Reuters. October 31, 2005. White House. Via YahooNews. image 3: Larry Downing/Reuters. October 31, 2005. Washington. Via YahooNews. image 4: AFP/Getty Images/File. October 27, 2005. Washington. Via YahooNews.)