Reading The Pictures: Between Bush's TuTu and Tu Tu's Bush

After weeks on the newsstand, I'm assuming many of you have seen it, and even know of the concept behind this month's 20 different Bono/Leibovitz-produced VF Africa covers.

So, coming late to the party, let me ask you a few questions.

1. Did you know that this photo was a composite, and that George Bush and Desmond Tutu never posed together?

2. Did you know only one of the 20 covers features subjects that were completely photographed together? (And, do you know which one?)

3. Did you know that the issue never discloses that the photos are composites?

4. Do you think Tutu knew he was being paired with Bush -- and vice-versa?

5. And, if the men knew who they were being paired with, do you think they had any input on the way they posed?

Cover slideshow here. All 20 in one place. VF Africa issue TOC.

For more of the visual -- including a look at the real Digby -- visit

(h/t: Shepard. Image: Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair. July 2007.