Reading The Pictures: Dems Kick-Off With Kick In The Face


The new leadership is ready to take the reins. The Majority Leader is set to launch the 100 day agenda. So, how does the NYT set the table?

Is this a preview of the treatment the incoming majority -- especially Ms. Pelosi -- can expect from the MSM?

For more cheap undermining, read the article, benignly titled: "Ethics Overhaul Tops the Agenda in New Congress." How, according to The Times, could the Dems be ready for prime time, given that a website glitch delayed the posting of their ethics proposal, they are already treating the Republicans like a minority party, and (some people are bothered just because) Cindy Sheehan showed up in Washington to lobby against the war?

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(image: Stephen Crowley/The New York Times. January 3, 2006.