Reading The Pictures: More Racist "Advice" From The McCain Campaign

Although I certainly don't believe that the McCain's campaign's setting up of an African-American in "Advice,"  the McCain campaign's latest attack video, is inherently racist, in this case -- because Mr. Raines has virtually no connection to Obama or his campaign -- he is distinguishable as subject matter primarily on the basis of his skin color.

What further strikes me is the McCain camp's political perseveration (or, almost pathological return to the same well).  In other words, consider the very close parallel between the smarmy way Obama was portrayed in Schmidt/McCain's Kindergarten/Sex Ed piece ten days ago and the portrayal of Frank Raines in this latest job. In their hateful desperation (Raines having virtually no connection to Obama or his campaign), Team McCain once again works the combination of the found photograph and the base stereotype of the black man's lust.

Given that avarice relates equally to greed or desire, it makes little difference here whether the Schmidt/McCain hook involves money or sex.

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(h/t: Tom.  screen grabs: YouTube via McCain for President)