Reading The Pictures: Georgie, Can't We See You?

Under Karl's production and direction, welcome to Dubya's week long "salvage Iraq" (read: "salvage my administration") campaign.

Monday's newswire images of Bush's speech in Cleveland offered some suggestive allusions.  Take this shot for example.  On its face, it involved Bush straining to see.  In an ironic parallel, Bush framed the entire trouble with Iraq as primarily a problem of perception.  Dubya said:

"Others look at the violence they see each night on their television screens and they wonder how I can remain so optimistic about the prospects of success in Iraq. They wonder what I see that they don't."

As a snapshot of Bush's thinking, this snippet is jam-packed.  For a couple weeks now, there has been a coordinated drumbeat from the White House implying that domestic concern over Iraq is primarily the fault of TV. (Of course, the whole problem has to do with media's biased image selection. We can all see that, can't we?)

More curious (and more relevant to the image), however, is the last line.  In all things, GW assumes the most primitive form of self-centeredness.  Based on Bush's logic, if something doesn't look right to the American people, it must be because he sees something the rest of us don't.

It's like the image both reorients and parodies Bush's problem. The picture answers:  "Hey G, maybe 'the vision thing' is the other way around!"

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(image: Mark Duncan/A.P.  March 20, 2006. Cleveland, Ohio.  Via YahooNews)