Reading the Pictures: Obama's Jobs Address -- Key Optics



If Obama gave a solid speech last night to a joint session of Congress, one that was concrete, action-oriented and maximally designed to appeal to the GOP, there were plenty of moments, some overt, some more subtle, that kept me from going all-Pollyanna.

If you watched the speech, you probably observed how often Obama directed his words and gaze to the right-wingers. The frames above and the frame of reaction below (27:54 to 28:04) correspond to the part of the speech where Obama said:

Now, I realize that some of you have a different theory on how to grow the economy. Some of you sincerely believe that the only solution to our economic challenges is to simply cut most government spending and eliminate most government regulations. (Applause.)


You probably didn't catch the smirk, it was so instantaneous, but you can see it in the screen grab, a flash of dismay and contempt followed by the lawmaker's smug and defiant response. The frames leave me wondering how this cycle will be any different from before: a deft speech leading to appeasement leading to mostly a brick wall.

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