Reading The Pictures: The Incredibly Shrinking Post-Katrina Presidency


Here is the ultimate, and inevitable result of BushCo's six year appropriation and over-aggrandizement of the U.S. flag. Commensurate with the Administration's level of performance, White House symbolism (this, the lead shot on today's Administration photo gallery) is now constituted by almost all flag, and next to no Bush.

There is even more subterfuge in this image, however, promoting Bush's visit to Mississippi for the one year anniversary of the Katrina disaster. This is a reprise of a march Bush conducted last September with Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway and a group of firefighters.

If one recalls, however, that tour involved a bit of a scandal.

Not only were the firefighters diverted from desperately needed duty to serve as Bush window dressing, they were part of a group of first responders who had been nonsensically shipped to Atlanta and forced to attend a FEMA community service training course when they were desperately needed in the field.

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(image: Eric Draper/White House. August 28, 2006. Biloxi Mississippi.