Reading The Pictures: The "Fly By" That Won't Die


This past weekend, seemingly determined to get it right, George Bush -- along with his PR crew -- hightailed it to Georgia and Alabama to express depict concern for a ready batch of storm victims. (The region had just been victimized by a violent tornado.)

Apparently, the visual geniuses at the White House saw a quick opportunity to "do over" the politically catastrophic images of Bush's Katrina fly-by. Certainly, this result (featured on Sunday's White House photo gallery) is a dramatic and detailed image, putting the President that much closer to the scene.

As much as pictures can be tweaked to make you look good, however, they can just as easily reveal your hand. Besides attempting to profit off the local misery, one has to wonder about the stunt of putting the cameraman in a second helicopter just to visualize such compassion.

No matter how hard he tries (with the trying being the problem), the President -- hovering over fittingly named Enterprise, Alabama -- would rather capture an impression than leave one.

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(image: Paul Morse/White House. March 3, 2007. Enterprise, Ala.