What To Do When Bad News Stories Are Bumming You Out

You don't have to let bad news ruin your day.

Depressing news dominates the headlines on the web and in print, and if it makes you feel crummy, you're certainly not alone. Taking a break from the bad news cycle won't just make you feel better -- it'll actually improve your health, according to the Science Of Us video above.

Scientists have found that readers feel healthier when exposed to stories that show improvements in health, safety and happiness around the world. So make it a priority to seek out the occasional uplifting story. It's important to remember that it's not all bad in the world.

While you are online seeking better stories, you might also consider taking a social media break. Excessive Facebook use, for example, is linked with feelings of jealousy and depression. (An important reminder: We're all inclined to filter out the imperfect stuff and highlight only the brag-worthy parts of our lives.)

Sound good? There's no better place to start than with this dog and baby cuteness below. We hope it helps take the edge off:

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