'Ready To Go,' Limp Bizkit's Latest Track, Features Lil Wayne, Blasts Britney

Limp Bizkit is back, and ready to go.

The band has released a new six-minute track called "Ready To Go," and it is a doozy. Featuring Lil Wayne, the song centers on the lyric, "Is that your b----h? 'Cause she tell me she ready to go."

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst then starts swinging, taking hits at various female celebrities including Lady Gaga ("I'm so poker-faced, ladies going gaga") and Jessica Biel ("B----h, get at me if that ass is like Jessica Biel"). Durst also takes on Britney Spears, who the rocker claimed to have had sex with, rapping, "That's right, it's Freddy D, the public enemy, you know that one that has Britney droppin' to her knees."

Lil Wayne, who is part of the Cash Money records group Limp Bizkit is now signed to, makes his contribution to the song with a rap verse beginning, "What the f--k is up? F--k the world, bust a nut." Classy stuff!

"It sounds like a monster; it literally sounds dangerous," Durst told Billboard about the track last year. "It sounds like that left of center, that place of discomfort that created rock 'n' roll, created the (heavy) metal, where it all spawned from."

Limp Bizkit's last album, "Gold Cobra," was released in 2011. While Durst announced this summer that Limp Bizkit is "over," the group is set to release a new album, "Stampede of the Disco Elephants," this year.

Limp Bizkit