17 Signs You're Ready To Settle Down

17 Signs You're Ready To Settle Down

They say "when you know, you know" -- but how can you really be sure you're ready to tie the knot?

Our friends at The Stir recently published a story titled "11 Signs You Know You're Ready To Settle Down". One sign? You'd pick a Netflix binge over a drinking one -- any time.

Their list inspired us to ask HuffPost readers how they knew they were ready for marriage. Below are 17 telltale signs it's time to settle down:

1. You suddenly start planning projects that will take more than a year and think of them as short-term.

2. When you are ready to listen and compromise on almost anything, from breakfast to money.

3. You get a dog (or cat, or some other living thing) together.

4. When you no longer feel like you might be missing out on something better.

5. When it doesn't feel like "settling down," but rather continuing the adventure.

6. After you've started saving money for a house, a car or a baby.

7. You accept all of your partner's flaws unconditionally.

8. When you don't want that person driving a long distance without you because you're worried that something might happen to him or her.

9. You're fully prepared to put someone else ahead of yourself.

10. You actually can't imagine your life without that person.

11. When it seems ridiculous to contemplate the idea of NOT getting married.

12. When you stop hiding your stretch marks and other so-called "imperfections" because you know your partner loves you anyway.

13. You realize you want to spend every waking moment with that person.

14. You stop questioning whether you may want to be with someone else down the line.

15. When the only person you want to notice you is the one that already does.

16. When you can be yourself with confidence and know that the person brings out the best version of "you".

17. When you're emotionally, spiritually and financially stable.

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