How to listen to the book in your soul (w)rite now!


I'd been talking about writing a book for as long as I can remember. Writing it? Nope. I did work on writing a book when I spent a month living in Paris (ah, the romance of writing a book in Paris!). But that was three years ago and I still hadn't gotten back to it. The truth was it wasn't demanding my attention to be completed. Yet still the feeling and urge to write a book lived in the edges of my consciousness and surfaced regularly.

Divine Author Within

Enter Tom Bird, creator of the Tom Bird Method. I met Tom through a good friend who invited me to one of his complimentary Colorado events. I trusted my friend, hence my willingness to check him out. Tom speaks about the "Divine Author Within", the part of us that has a message to be shared with the world and that needs to be given space for expression. I already knew I had a message, and I knew about accessing my inner dimensions. Tom's emphasis on writing from this inner connection helped me to hold that focus for writing my book.

After 34 years of teaching over 85,000 people how to write their book, Tom's experience is that everyone has a book inside of them waiting to be written. It's why Tom is called "The Book Whisperer". By relaxing and consciously giving yourself permission, you can enter the state of what he calls the Divine Author Within. This creates a conduit for the words to flow through.

The Treasures of Your Soul

Imagine there is a book you've already written, complete yet waiting in the invisible realms of your soul. What do you need to bring it outward into manifestation? You need a safe and loving space, free from the critical voice of judgment. You need time that is dedicated to its emergence. Even more important, what is required is your trust and your willingness to allow the words to flow.

If you have ever had the feeling of wanting to write a book, or of being a published author, it's most likely because you have something you feel moved to share. In fact, if you are alive, you have a story. Whether or not someone else wants to read about it is actually irrelevant. What is important is your own need to express and to share. Discovering what your heart wants to express and then doing it, is what changes your life.

I arrived at a lovely Colorado mountain retreat not knowing what I was to write. I felt a combination of anticipation (what was this experience going to be?) and emptiness (what the heck was I going to write about?). Embarking on this journey in the company of other adventurers was both intimate and emboldening. Even though we were each in our own "writing cocoon", there was an energy of creation that felt profound. It kept me writing whenever I thought about quitting.

Although the duration of the program was short (only 3 ½ days), the journey was endless. There is so much I discovered about myself in the process of writing! Where I imagined I would continue along the lines of what I had started in Paris, instead I was plunged into the essence of my work, far beyond the original structure. It felt like a tapestry was being woven with threads that had never before been brought into the picture. I was both the witness of the process, able to watch what was being revealed and I was the tapestry itself, being transformed into something magnificent by the act of writing.


When you uncover the book that is waiting to reveal itself, it may, in fact, be of value for others. That's a bonus. It's your gift to the world and there may be many to receive it. You may even have written a best-seller! Your true gift, however, is to yourself. When you give voice to your own heart's message your life will not be as it was before. You will have expanded into someone new.

And yes, I did complete my book. I even started on a second one.

#1 Bestselling author and illuminating Life Facilitator, Laurie Seymour, M.A., founded The Baca Journey to teach leaders and emerging leaders how to reliably connect with their inner wisdom--their personal GPS. She shows them how to sustain their inner connection so that they can discover the answers to their deepest questions.

Laurie is currently editing the book she wrote during Tom's program. The working title is The Original Blessing. You can find more on her website, The Baca Journey. Be sure to sign up for your own Illumination Bundle, including your free copy of her mini-course, 7 Awareness-Provoking Experiences: Quiet Your Mind, Deeper Your Awareness and Develop Your Inner Connection.

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