Real Christians Don't Hate

Atlas World map with rusty barbed wire.
Atlas World map with rusty barbed wire.

It sickens me to see so-called Christians act with clear bigotry and hatred in their everyday dealings. Christ has called us to love everyone as you love yourself. Why is that such a difficult concept for so many of us?

We find many examples of this disguised as "hating the sin, but loving the sinner." A disguise is all that it is -- a pretty inept, rudimentary disguise at that. Hating the sin should never, ever be directed at an individual or culminate in judgment of that individual. We are called to hate sin, in order to weed it out of our own life. God knows that this author isn't perfect. He's also abundantly aware that you aren't either.

Christ was exceptionally clear when he instructed us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. I don't find much ambiguity in that, do you? I don't see the so-called Westboro Baptist Church picketing its members when they do something they deem 'sinful.' I don't see the evangelicals that were in an uproar over the Starbucks cups this past December get as excited over instances of poverty and abuse. I didn't see mainstream media covering the attacks claimed by ISIS in other locations with as much ferocity as the ones in Paris-our Eurocentric and structural racism are to blame there. What makes the lives of others less important than our own?

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, many of our leaders (both politicians and pastors) have called to close our borders to the refugees from Syria. This is exactly the opposite of what a Christ-centric approach should include. We need to help them with their temporal needs and then we should see to their spiritual needs. We should absolutely not demonize the victims of indoctrination -- we don't want to be demonized, either, right? Thankfully, recent court rulings have mitigated the threats politicians have been spewing.

Christians have used their faith as an excuse to hate for ages and ages. Recently, the Bible was used to condemn interracial marriage. Thank God, that we got past that one. But where does it end? Real Christians don't hate. Real Christians overflow with God's love and with that they only have the capacity to love.

If you find hatred in your heart, it means it is time to shut up and pray.