Real Equality Is When Women Have The Right To Be As Drunk And Stupid As Men

I have done lot of irresponsible things throughout my life.

In high school I cut a social studies class for weeks at a time, threw parties at my house (sorry, Mom and Dad!), got stoned, and had sex – all before I was 16. When I was in college I got so drunk that I slipped on some ice outside my apartment and decided to lay there for an hour. One my roommates – who shall remain nameless – got so trashed once that she walked into the wrong dorm room, got into a bed, and peed in it. It was reckless, stupid and hilarious.

Youthful transgressions may not be our best moments, but they’re also part of growing up. And let’s face it – a lot of them were really fun too. So I can’t help but be put off by the neverending stream of “advice” thrown at young women about how to be “safe” or “respect ourselves” – advice that boys of the same age never hear.

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