'Real Housewife' Erika Jayne Gives Absolutely Zero F**ks In New Music Video

"Zero, zero, zero, done."

How many f**ks does Erika Jayne give? None. 

At least that's what she chants in her new song, aptly titled "How Many F**ks?" The reality star released a full-length video masterpiece for the track on Tuesday, ahead of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion on Bravo, and we literally cannot stop watching. 

And while it's not a hip-hop song, the video has all the elements you'd expect to see in a typical hip-hop video: fancy cars, dancing women in hot shorts and plenty of bling. But there's also so much more! Brace yourselves. 

We see Jayne seductively licking a lollipop while looking like a sexed-up Barbie:

Writhing around sexily on a race car: 

And singing her lyrics in a solid gold room while also wearing lots of golden layers and chains: 

The song, as ridiculous as you may think it is, is actually sort of catchy, in that annoyingly repetitive way. (Trust us, despite your best efforts to prevent it, you will be chanting, "How many f**ks do I giiiiive? / None!" all day.) And this isn't Jayne's first rodeo -- she's already had several No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, including 2007's "Roller Coaster.

But whatever you think of the song and slightly-NSFW video, just remember, Jayne gives zero f**ks. She's (zero, zero, zero) done. 



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