'Real Housewives Of New York' Stars Surprise Cast Of 'Girlfriend Confidential'

"The Real Housewives of New York City" cast members Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer couldn't help but check out the competition from Oxygen's new reality show featuring five younger New York ladies this weekend.

"The Oxygen ladies thought they were dreaming when they awoke this weekend to find Sonja, along with Ramona and her husband, Mario, standing in the middle of their bedroom in the Hamptons Saturday night," one cast member from the latter show tells me.

The ladies of Oxygen's "Girlfriend Confidential" were in the Hamptons this weekend, filming their new reality show, which will show New York from the point of view of five girlfriends in their thirties (rather than wealthy "Housewives"), when the cast of the Bravo series turned up to check out their new competition.

“Mario [Singer] attempted to flirt with one of the younger cast members and began approaching her bed when Ramona put a finger up and yelled 'Stop right there, Mario!' -- and he did," one of the ladies said. “It was clear we were the new girls trying to take New York from the old queens. Meanwhile, Sonja was going around drinking leftover rosé from all the glasses in the room, like some kind of wine vacuum."

All in all, the visit was a nice treat for the "Girlfriend Confidential" cast, who asked for advice on handling reality show fame. "Do it for the money," Sonja said to cast member Marianne Garvey.

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