Real Housewives Of Late Night Visit Indianapolis, Meet The Colts (VIDEO)

One of the most popular recurring sketches on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," the Real Housewives of Late Night, returned last night to take a trip to Indianapolis -- and met some football wives while there. And the results are exactly what you think would happen.

The women, who all look, sound and act suspiciously like their counterparts on "Late Night," were back in full catfight mode exactly as we left them. Denise Fallon, Dale Miles, Lydia Higgins and Yvonne Salahuddin (the "wives" of Jimmy, A.D., Steve and Bashir) took a trip to Indiana for the Super Bowl and while there, met the Indianapolis Colts -- er, the wives of the Indianapolis Colts. Who knew a bunch of burly NFL players would be such good sports about going drag?

Only problem? The Colts aren't actually in the Super Bowl this year. Although the game is being hosted in Indianapolis (or as Denise constantly calls it, "Indiapolis") the Colts had a decently disasterous season. Of course, when Denise learns this, she goes ballistic.

Fallon's show has been taping from Indianapolis all week in preparation for the Super Bowl. "Late Night" will broadcast a special post-game show on Sunday, with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg.