'Real Housewives Of Miami' Wedding: Adriana Forces Guests To Change Clothes, Without Changing Area (VIDEO)

Adriana's 'RHOM' Wedding Has As Much Drama As You'd Expect

Things got a little chaotic at Adriana De Moura's wedding on "The Real Housewives of Miami." First, she was procrastinating, saying she was too sick and then too stressed to get ready. She wound up being 30 minutes late to the ceremony. Things went smoothly after that ... but only for a while.

For whatever reason made sense to her at the time, Adriana demanded a full wardrobe change for all of her wedding guests. She insisted that everyone wear white to the ceremony and then change before coming to the reception. And while she made plenty of demands on them, she didn't provide a place for them to change.

“I hope they have a specific area to go change," she said. "However, if that’s not happening they’re just going to have to figure it out themselves, because I can’t do one more thing, thank you very much.”

And figure it out they did. Guests were changing in the hotel gift shop and even the parking lot. It was a little bit of a mess, though many of them might have had time to go home and change. Once again, Adriana was late after taking forever to change her own look. She showed up two hours late to the reception only to find that several of her guests had already left.

She admitted that maybe she'd been wrong to require a wardrobe change, but added that it was too late to admit to going overboard. We still think she could admit to that.

Buddy TV's Gina Pusateri dubbed her the "Brazillian bridezilla," while The Stir's Rebecca Stokes got stressed out just watching the wedding. "You know what's even more rude than forcing your wedding guests to make a costume change halfway through the day in the non-privacy of their cars? Keeping them waiting for a grand total of five hours between the ceremony and the reception," she wrote. "HAPPY WEDDING DAY ADRIANA DE MOURA! I lift the glass full of the Pepto which I had to swill throughout the hour due to the anxiety caused by your wedding, and offer my best wishes.”

There's always drama on "The Real Housewives Of Miami," Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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