'Real Housewives Of New York' Gets Vicious: Hatred Among Cast Is 'Toxic'

From the schoolyard to the penthouse, "The Real Housewives of New York" haven't quite grown out of their bullying days. Negative tweets, drag queen insults and Moroccan brawls ruled this season but what you've seen on-camera is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how deep-rooted the "Housewife" hate actually is.

“Things have gotten so bad that producers are worried that this cast can no longer film together,” several insiders tell me. “All the ladies have long memories and will not let the smallest thing go. The level of hatred at the moment is so high that it's toxic and all consuming. It doesn’t make for good TV drama. Now it’s just petty and sad.”

Jill Zarin, in particular, was singled out as the target of a hateful blogger for some time before discovering that her 'friends' supported the in your face interface. Several cast members have even met with blogger in person, making it impossible for her to forgive and forget.

“This is nothing short of cyber-bullying, when your address is put out online and readers are encouraged to send condolence cards,” a friend of Zarin’s tells me. “This sort of behavior should be rejected by all the cast members, no matter how hot disagreements get on the show. It has stopped being a TV fight and is now a real life battle that is unacceptable.”

Bravo had no comment regarding the offensive site (which I refuse to name); however, Ramona Singer, who follows the blog, was happy to provide a comment.

“Its a goof, spoof, you can't take it seriously," Singer explains. "If I took all the negative things that were written about me -- you need to have a sense a humor!”

And although Singer does admit that the blog does have an "unfortunate" and "not the nicest name," she has no intention of distancing herself from it. “I think [the hate site] is right-on and perceptive,” Ramona adds.

Surprisingly, it's not just Singer who supports the blog. Simon and Alex McCord have met the site’s creator and even ex-Housewife and author of "A Place Of Yes," Bethenny Frankel, doesn’t try to hide her support.

“Of the eleven people Bethenny follows on twitter, yes just eleven, the founder of the site is one,” a Bravo source tells me. “Bethenny doesn’t support or follow anyone from Bravo, not even Andy Cohen, who cast her and made her rich and famous, yet she does follow a person who spills hate.”

If the situation doesn’t improve soon, these ladies won’t be waiting for Bravo to invite them back for another season. From "Real Housewives" to real hate, these ladies are ready to walk if their castmates can't play nice.

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