'Real Husbands Of Hollywood': BET Reigns Supreme With Series Debut

BET is bringing in their new year of programming with a bang! According to the Hollywood Reporter, the network netted the largest amount of cable viewers during Tuesday’s 10:00 slot thanks to their new shows, “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and “Second Generation Wayans.”

“Real Husbands,” which stars Kevin Hart, Robin Thicke, Nick Cannon, and J.B. Smoove, drew an impressive debut of 4.1 million viewers, while “Second Generation” pulled 3.5 million viewers.

For Hart, starring in the comedy spoof series is something special that’s not seen on television. “We're mocking what everybody makes fun of on a regular basis,” he explained during a BET interview. “It's ridiculous. They're fighting. They're going back and forth. We’re putting a group of men together that are talented enough and aren't afraid to make fun of themselves.”

“We're catty. We're not getting along. We're getting along. We're friends. We're not friends, but we're doing it in a fun way. It's unique. It hasn't been done, which means it will be big.”

“Real Husbands of Hollywood” marks BET’s second highest network premiere behind 2011’s “The Game,” which reportedly drew 7.7 million viewers.



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