The Real L Word 's Dinah Shore Episode (Part 2)

My Dinah Shore weekend was a time for me to relax and blow off some steam. I brought my Lyon Fine Jewelry promotional items to pass out, which my friends so graciously fed to the crowd out of their bikinis. For me, that alone made it worth going. Getting the lesbian community involved in my charitable causes is more important than any pool party, clearly, and who doesn't love a little sexy guerilla marketing?

If there's one thing lesbians don't expect to do at Dinah Shore, it's finding someone they connect with on more than just a lustful level. I'm sure it has happened at Dinah before, but I promise you, no one expects it. So, of course, what happened with me, the girl who was completely determined to remain single? Not only did I connect with someone, but she was someone who lived 3,000 miles away from me.

Kiyomi said something to me (while we were topless in the pool) about feeling like we'd known each other for a long time. Though it may have sounded cliché, or insincere to some people, it wasn't. We just vibed and felt completely comfortable around each other when we met. Had we had any less of a spark, I probably wouldn't have spent almost the whole weekend with her. But even Dinah can be an extended one-night stand. You really don't know if these things will continue after the weekend or not.

It turned out that Kiyomi was being honest and upfront about Ali. They'd just always had a situation that was kind of undefinable. Either way, she made it clear that she'd pretty much broken things off with her, and she wasn't lying. I don't want to hurt anyone, especially as a "committed bachelor." That was one of the things I really liked about her. For some reason, right away, I trusted that she was very sincere and very truthful. I respected her.

While Amanda and Whitney were voicing their strong doubts about Kiyomi, I listened and tried to imagine just walking away. Not to be a typical lesbian about it, but something was pulling me to Kiyomi, and I didn't want to listen to anyone else's opinions.

Amanda, having the big mouth that she does (though I love her for it), made it very clear that she wasn't into us being together. At first I was annoyed, because she was being a bit hypocritical, but then I was appreciative for having someone who cared enough about me to worry about a girl getting close enough to hurt me. We had talked up this crazy Dinah weekend, but I guess it doesn't hurt to keep things on the cleaner side -- minus me being a kissing bandit. Maybe Amanda was just angry that she didn't wait to "wife up" with her ex the week after Dinah and was projecting. It was funny to rewatch that West Side Story dance she and Kiyomi did at the White Party.

I ended up following my gut and continued to hang out with Kiyomi. This was my weekend of fun, and I was doing what I wanted. I was a little surprised by the resistance I got. Wasn't Dinah supposed to be fun and carefree? Eventually, my friends came around a bit more.

As for Dinah Shore next year? Who knows what might happen. At least this time, I know a little about what to expect, which is to have no expectations.

I know some of you are wondering more about the really important stuff, like whether Whitney and Sara are good kissers. Well, my friends, the answer is yes. And for that matter, Kiyomi is, too. Why is it that as the booze goes in, the skirts go up? Well, maybe that's what separates East and West.