Robot In Disguise: Someone Made A Real-Life 'Transformers' Car

But can it save the world from the Decepticons?

It’s the ultimate “Transformers” toy: a real car that transforms into a robot.

Turkish company Letvision recently unveiled “LETRONS,” a BMW that can turn into a giant robot.

The company said it took a team of 12 engineers and four technicians at least eight months to create the transforming BMW.

There are a couple of downsides to the giant toy. The car can’t be driven, but it is remotely-controlled. Also, when it’s in robot-mode, the car can’t walk (although the company said they were working on adding that capability). The transformation was also a little slow, but hey, it’s still a car that transforms into a giant robot.

There’s no information about how much one of these babies will set you back, but the company said LETRONS will be for sale “if the buyers’ project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria.”

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