Luke's Diner From 'Gilmore Girls' Is Coming To A Coffee Shop Near You

"Coffeecoffeecoffee." -- Lorelai Gilmore

In the very first scene of the TV series “Gilmore Girls,” viewers learn two things: 1. Lorelai Gilmore can’t live without coffee. 2. Luke’s Diner is the place to get it.

Now, after eight seasons of watching the Gilmore girls caffeinate and banter in the iconic Stars Hollow coffee shop, you can experience it for yourself. On Wednesday, more than 200 Luke’s Diners will pop up across the nation, serving complimentary coffee to Gilmore fans beginning at 7 a.m.

According to Eater, there’s at least one coffee shop undergoing a Luke’s transformation in every state. All will dole out free coffee and Gilmore Girls-themed cups and sleeves until noon, or while supplies last.

So if you need a break from binge-watching ahead of the Nov. 25 revival premiere, or if you just love a good cup of coffee, make like a Gilmore and head for the nearest Luke’s.

If nothing else, we’ll finally find out if Luke’s coffee is as life-changing as Lorelai and Rory claim it to be.

See a full list of participating coffee shops here.



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