The Story Behind The Real-Life Steve Urkel

There is actually a real-life unfortunate soul named Steve Urkel out there, according to Jaleel White, who made the name famous in his memorable role on "Family Matters." Twenty-plus years later, White still feels a little bad for the resulting cultural significance behind the name.

"The actual name Steve Urkel, is actually a friend of Michael Warren, one of our producers. So he can't order pizza," White said with a laugh on HuffPost Live on Tuesday. "I don't think he's had a decent phone order of anything in the last 20 years."

White actually met the man, and he reiterated that he is not exaggerating the misfortune of having that name.

"I'm dead serious," White told host Josh Zepps. "He came to the set one time. He was like, 'You've created a nightmare for me.' And I can only imagine with TSA. 'Hey, this guy over here! Look look look!'"

Watch the rest of the clip above, and catch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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