Real Transgender Lives & Transphobic Discrimination

This article is going to be talking about real life issues transgender Individuals face worldwide. This blog will also look into a report which was published on wiki on Transgender Discrimination.

I will talk about how I feel, how these issues have affected me on a personal level.and how they may relate to other transgendered Individuals on a day to day basis, as well as looking at influences that may affect these prejudices. This will include looking at location, age & gender roles, as it is different for transwomen and transmen.

The first part in my short series is ........

1/ 26% = Transphobia in Feminism

This result kind of shocks me being a Transwoman, I have found that throughout my journey, the majority of women have been nothing but understanding, kind and supportive. However, the results are suggesting there are a group of women who possibly misunderstand a Transwoman's Journey.

I feel that this also is partly to do with passability and also with some girls not making enough effort. For example, walking around with a beard on your face and then walking into the women toilet, this is totally unacceptable and also has a detrimental effect on others who may beginning their journey.

We have all been their and the key is all about making effort as a Transwoman and in everything you do, I believe that is the key to success.

With regards to transmen I found that certain types of women seemed to be angry as they felt that the trans community dominates there's, the reason being they say the transmen don't want to integrate into the male community which I personally feel so untrue. Secondly that trans women are not real women and don't belong in the female community in the first place as we are not genetic females.

I do feel this is taking the views on a more American point of view, As here in the UK I don't feel it has too be so much of a problem for example the bathroom laws in America compared to here in the UK, for example the rules in the UK are as a transgendered individual have transitioned for more than two years, you automatically obtain the rights of your acquired gender.

Maybe American politicians should look at the model we have in the UK, as we have many rights and laws that have been set out to protect us called the Gender Recognition Act 1999 which also allows us to change the sex on our passports, get new birth certificates and legally marry in the acquired gender.

In my next blog I will discuss the 2nd part of the report which is:-

2/ 25% = Transphobia in the Lesbian, Gay & Bi-Sexual Communities

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