20 Real Wedding Photos Just Bursting With Love

Spread the love, newlyweds!

Tis’ the season for blue skies, sunshine and of course, summer weddings!

Take a look below at 20 beautiful real wedding photos from some of our readers who tied the knot this past weekend.

"The prettiest of brides. Honored to have captured Sarah and Jessica's forest wedding." -- Jessica Craven
"The groom’s father could not be at the wedding, but his cherished golden retriever was able to give the blessing in his stead." -- Abram Eric Landes
"A beautiful wedding in Estes Park, Colorado." -- Caroline Colvin
"One for the weekend with the team." -- Obi Nwokedi
"Congrats to Brendan and Travis! Cheers!" -- The Beat Booth
"Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Clark." -- Opulent Imagery
"Sam and Jackie Barrett married at The Barn at Silverstone Inn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania." -- Emily Tempestilli
"Sean and Monica's love story is one that is told in glances, smiles, silent encouragement, and laughter."
-- Dana Tate
"Hello there, you gorgeous couple."-- Tiny Forest
"When souls meet, beautiful things happen to beautiful people." -- Terrence Law
"Nancy and Jason as the sun sets on the Merrimon-Wynne House where they got married yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina.” -- Hooman Bahrani
"No words for today." -- Nicole Barkis
"Kiara and Aaron looking flawless." -- Christina Karst
"Rashelle and Steven where married Saturday at his family ranch just outside of Bozeman, Montana." -- Fran Ze
"It started pouring rain three minutes into taking photos of Lauren and Darren. Luckily the rain stopped in time to grab a few more photos, including this one." -- Matt Gruber
"Clodagh and Stephen got married yesterday at the beautify Drenagh Estate, in Northern Ireland." -- Fiona Jamieson
"Jessica and Ryan's rustic barn wedding at Burlap and Beams in Athol, New York." -- Carrie Lynn Holligan Smith
"Steven and Katy got married on Saturday at the beautiful Pleasant Hill Vineyards and Winery in Maryville, Tennessee." -- David Britnell
"Josh and Audra celebrated their wedding at Crooked River Wedding Barn in Gladwin, Michigan." -- Neringa Ridges
"There were tears, some nervous energy and a lot of joy leading up to the ceremony." -- Julia Franzosa

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag your photos #HPrealweddings or e-mail one to us afterwards and we may feature it on the site! Please include the couple’s name and the location and date of the wedding.

For more real wedding photos, check out the slideshow below:

Real Weddings of the Week 2015