20 Real Wedding Photos That Really Stand Out

Cheers to the happy couples!
08/02/2016 01:34pm ET

The real wedding photos featured below will surely make the album. Check out the one-of-a-kind shots that brides and grooms will cherish for years to come.

“Chloe and Kyla were married at sunset in Swallow Cave on the beach at Royal Isabela in Puerto Rico. When they kissed, the swallows joined in on the celebration, singing and dancing wildly.” --
"Adrianne and Edwin moved their New York wedding celebration indoors due to the weather, but were brave enough to venture out into the rain at the end of the night for some portraits." --
"Jay and Aleyse Cummings are from Houston, Texas. This shot was taken in 99 degree weather at a former artesian water-pumping station built in the early 1900s -- Olde Dobbin Station -- which is now a wedding venue." --
"Congratulations to Cassandra and Jeremiah, who got married this weekend in Wiarton, Ontario." --
"Mike and Lena got married with an epic Montana sky on July 23 at the Big Yellow Barn in Bozeman." --
"Meagan and David wanted a very romantic, intimate, symbolic ceremony in Venice. I wrote the service, which was jointly officiated with Father Luigi. He blessed the couple and the exchange of the rings. Father Luigi, also known as 'Father #Selfie,' you are such a special person and a friend!" --
"When I look at this, I can't help but start singing 'goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married' in my head." --
"Congratulations to Kelly and Shane! We had sun, rain, hail, thunder and lightning on their wedding day yesterday to make it extra memorable. Somehow it seems fitting for a couple that loves adventures. You two rock!" --
"Kicked off night one for our sweet couple with a modern Moroccan themed Sangeet." --
"Briana and David were married in Watkins Glen, New York on the shore of Seneca Lake." --
"Lily and Stephen." --
"Words cannot even begin to describe how I feel about these two. It was an amazing day, with an amazing couple, amazing vendors and amazing love that surrounded these two!" --
"This has to be the best bridal party in the world. Even through the 92 degree heat they were all smiles for their girl." --
“Jessica and Charlie’s Puerto Rico barefoot on the beach wedding at Borinquen Beach was perfect in every way – intimate, emotional and beautiful!” --
"Ali and Brett were married in the beautiful St. Robert’s Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here they were caught taking a moment for themselves just after the wedding celebration." --
"Kaitlyn and Nick were married on Sunday in Muskoka, Ontario. They said their vows on their family island, and after they said 'I do' they left the ceremony in a canoe they built themselves!" --
"Will and Mariah were married this weekend on a private estate in Granville, Ohio." --
"Jake and Ellen got married on Saturday during a beautiful ceremony in Knoxville, Tennessee." --
"Chad and Kelsey Smith were married July 30 in the Field of Dreams at Chico Hot Springs, Montana." --
"Nicole and Craig said 'I do' in London, Ontario on July 30!" -

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag your photos#HPrealweddings or e-mail one to us afterwards and we may feature it on the site! Please include the couple’s names as well as the date and location of the wedding.

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