25 Real Wedding Photos That Are Filled To The Brim With Love

Congratulations to the happy couples! 💕

Big congratulations go out to all the lovely couples who tied the knot last month!

Below, August wedding pics from our readers that are cause for celebration. And remember: If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag your photos #HPrealweddings or e-mail one to us afterward and we may feature it in our monthly roundup. Please include the couple’s names as well as the date and location of the wedding.

"Ted Holzman and Jessica Engel married at Blue Hill at Stone Barns." -- Courtney B.
"They served tacos for dinner. If that doesn't make for the most perfect wedding ever, I'm not sure what does! Congratulations, Nikki and Tony!!" -- Kara Abbey
"A pleasure to capture the wedding of Laura and Chris." -- Aesthetic Visuals
"Congratulations to David and Krystal, married at the Sunset Room at the National Harbor in Maryland." -- Heather McCall
"Lesley and Leslie were married on August 20. They share the same name, nearly the same birthday, and have many more similarities." -- Mei Lin
"Josh and Clair got married at Apple Blossom Chapel and Gardens in Fennville, Michigan." -- Neringa "Neri" Ridges
"Christina and Rick celebrated the next stage of their lives in marriage surrounded by their closest family and friends in the beautiful gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin." -- Trish Henry
"Jenn and Antonio's ceremony was on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean at Terranea Resort. While the design of the ceremony was all white, we surprised guests with a sexy red and fuchsia reception." -- Tessa Lyn Events
"My best pals, two gorgeous souls and the happiest day ever. I got to photograph Helen and Emma having their 'we do' moment yesterday and I could not be happier. Love you guys." -- Jason Williams
"Ashley and Brendan in Chicago." -- Amanda Reseburg
"Ramsha and Michael's wedding at The Villa was beautiful and so much fun." -- Marc Sadowski
"Sam and Korey have surrounded themselves with the warmest humans (and cats!). They were such a joy to be around all day." -- Jacqueline Connor
"My girlfriends are like fairy tales, they've been there once upon a time and will be there forever after. " -- Kat Ma
"Such a gorgeous wedding these two put on for their family and friends." -- Danaea Li
"Congrats, Rachel and Farouk -- your love is so inspiring. I'm so glad I got to capture this important day for you guys." -- Allison of Kismet Visuals
"Congratulations, Michael and Abby." -- Jennifer Christi
"Lindsay and Elizabeth are such a beautiful couple!" -- Sarah Hill
"Aaron and Danielle married in Beloit, Wisconsin." -- Amanda Reseburg
"Rachel and Austin were surrounded by love on their amazing wedding day! It was a beautiful summer afternoon at Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth, Georgia." — Kamaree Odom
"A year ago one of THE nicest couples came into my life and now I was able to witness and document their BIG day. It was an amazing day with an amazing team that pulled it all together. Congratulations, Blair and Melissa!" -- Terri Baskin
"We celebrated with Mizuki and John at their Glen Manor wedding. It was such a small and intimate gathering with friends traveling all the way from Japan. Congratulations!" -- Kim Lyn
"Heather and Joe got married at The HollyHedge Estate in New Hope, Pennsylvania." -- Carrie Roberts
"Jamie and Eric planned their wedding for August 12, one of the peak nights of the Perseid meteor showers. The party took place on Dante's Peak at Purgatory Mountain Resort, far from cities and light pollution, which meant that the view of the stars and the Milky Way was breathtaking. We even managed to capture a shooting star!" -- J. La Plante
"A sweet couple, a beautiful evening with that 👌🏻👌🏻 light along the Monterey coast, and full appreciation for being able to photograph it all!" -- Shannon Cronin
"Caitlin and Rachael's wedding had LOTS of laughter, high fives and a radiating love that encompassed the day. Congrats, you two!" -- Joseph Gonzalez-Dufresne

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