See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Bad weather posed a threat to some of our readers' weddings this weekend. But they refused to let a little rain put a damper on the celebration!

Jen Simon, Fondly Forever Photography
"Bill Anastas and Maud Beltran's Palm Springs wedding." - Liz Sklar of Artisan Events
EP Anderson Photography
"Stacy DeGabriele and Darwin Williams were married on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico on Saturday." - Sandy Malone, Weddings in Vieques
Ready Set Film
"We were hit with a terrible thunderstorm and our wedding was outdoors! Luckily it was clear for the ceremony but went crazy right after. Weather wasn't ideal but ended up being perfect!" - Alison Moodie-Collins
Vesic Photography
“Hayley and Landon got married at WinMock Barn just outside Winston-Salem, North Carolina.” - Hooman Bahrani
Emily Jenkins
"Beautiful wedding at The Confederate Home in Charleston, South Carolina. Loved photographing this lovely couple!" - Emily Jenkins
Tiffany Bolk Photography
"Amanda and Kyle are artists who were part of the team that won a competition to create public art that would sit in the Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza for the summer of 2014." - Kristen Montag
EP Anderson Photography
"Tim Kraft and Jaclyn Perozze were married on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico despite some almost tropical storm force winds and torrential rain." - Sandy Malone, Weddings in Vieques
Courtesy of @lee_suckling
"Journalist Lee Suckling married Army Officer Jack Seabrook on November 5." - @lee_suckling
My Beautiful Bride
"Dani and Mark's London wedding." - My Beautiful Bride
We Laugh We Love
"Kristen and Jason shared a sweet 'Just Married' moment on the dance floor." - Marie Kubin, Rent My Wedding
Michael Segal Photography
"Scott Laslie and Alex Guerrero's wedding at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs." - Liz Sklar of Artisan Events
Nikita Gross Photography
"In love with this image from Kate and Erik's #cincinnatiwedding." - Nikita Gross

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, tweet a photo to @HuffPostWedding or email it to us afterwards so we can feature it on the site!

Check out more of this week's Real Weddings photos in the slideshow below:

Real Weddings of the Week (Part II)

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