See Who Got Married This Weekend!

The snow can be a real pain in the you-know-what when it comes to your morning commute, but it sure does make for some stunning winter wedding photos! Check out some of the snowy (and not-so-snowy) places our readers tied the knot this weekend.

Tracey Buyce Photography
"Meghan and Matt's wedding at The Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont."
Hatt Photography
"Steph and Ben's wedding." - Darren Hatt
Michael Escobar Photography
"Michelle Ollis and Quisto Moore tied the knot at Brooklyn Arts Center in Wilmington, North Carolina." - Michael Escobar
Something Blue Wedding Photography
"Jessica and Chris at Addison Park in Keyport, New Jersey." - Susan Tibak
"Taylor and Nate's fancy D.C. elopement at an art gallery." - Maggie Winters of Pop Wed Co.
Fiona Jamieson Photography
"Paula and Ian Overend's wedding in Northern Ireland." - Fiona Jamieson
RIK Photography
"Brooke and Staten were married at Bluff Mountain Inn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee." - The Wedding Team at Bluff Mountain Inn
EP Anderson Photography
"Michelle Serapiglia and Corey Centerwall were married on Sun Bay on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico." - Sandy Malone of Weddings in Vieques
Courtesy Joanna D'Antonio
"Joanna Farley and Christopher D'Antonio married in Ludlow, Vermont." - Joanna D'Antonio
Courtesy of Jon Carlson
"The bride and groom (my brother) with a special appearance by Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago." - Jon Carlson
Courtesy Nana Kutin
"The pretty bride at her wedding in Accra, Ghana." - Nana Kutin
Benjamin M./@thebnjmns
"Best day ever!" - Diane Ferritto
Courtesy of Alan Katz
"Biker couple pulls up to the Cute Little Wedding Chapel in Long Beach on their Harley. Officiant Alan Katz performs their ceremony while they sit on their bike." - Alan Katz
EP Anderson Photography
"Marianne and Peter Bernardoni celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal on Culebra Island, Puerto Rico." - Sandy Malone of Sandy Malone Weddings & Events

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See some of last week's photos in the slideshow below:

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